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Election blog - 12 days to go.

At last foreign Affairs has got onto the agenda in this election. Good. How it got on to the agenda was bad. Ed Miliband made a very unwise move in "weaponising" hundreds of dead migrants to attack David Cameron. He accused the Prime Minister of being in part responsible for the awful human tragedy in the south Mediterranean because of the lack of post conflict activity after the fall of Gadhafi in Libya.

Election blog - 16 days to go.

The call to “end austerity” echoes from the Scottish glens and the Welsh valleys with the SNP and Plaid Cymru leading the way respectively. It is echoed in the Aussie twang of that great seer of our time, Natalie Bennett of the Greens. Austerity is spoken of as if it is an end in itself. As if those who have imposed it on us believe austerity is how you do things. Perhaps we need to remind people what it is and why we need it for a few more years...

Election blog - 17 days to go.

Last Friday we had an election hustings at Kennet School in Thatcham. I was disappointed that only about 70 people from a community of 25,000 turned up. Of those a fair proportion were Liberal Democrat Councillors and activists. Part of me wanted to ask at the outset who in the room had yet to decide how to vote but I didn’t want to “do a Farage” by questioning the partiality of the audience...

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