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The value of politics

Around 3000 people will be standing in the coming election in constituencies from Lands End to John o’ Groats. They will range from no-hopers and jokers to serious operators and winners. There will be charlatans and knaves but in the main they will be on the side of the virtue. Whatever their Party the vast majority will be doing it for the right reasons. They will want the best for their country and the best for their community...

National Citizen Service

In July and August West Berkshire will see an invasion of 16 and 17 year olds taking part in the National Citizens Service. NCS brings together young people from different backgrounds and helps them develop greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility...

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Richard Benyon

RT @faisalislam: income gains most for richest under Brown... Lose most under coalition, accounting for rates of inflation by income: http:…

by Richard Benyon

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In addition to his campaigns on Trains, Broadband, Job's and Skills and Flooding, Richard is actively involved in supporting his constituents with personal issues and is always willing to listen to their opinions on matters that concern them.




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